The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FoIA) reflects the government’s commitment to promote greater openness by public authorities. The purpose of the FoIA is to ensure that all public authorities, including the NHS are open and transparent, ensuring that more information about them is made readily available. To this end, the FoIA provides for public access to information held by public authorities. This is achieved in two ways. The requirement for every public authority to adopt and maintain a publication scheme

Right of Access

The Health Board is required to provide the public with a right of access to information which is not contained within its Publication Scheme.  This means that you have a right to request information that is not routinely published on our website; this is known as the ‘Right of Access’.

Requests should be sent to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Cwm Taf University Health Board
Ynysmeurig House
Navigation Park
CF45 4SN
Tel: 01443 744800


For your request to be dealt with according to the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA), you must:

  • contact us directly;
  • make the request in writing, for example in a letter or email.;
  • give your real name; and
  • give an address to which the authority can reply.  This can be a postal or email address.

You do not have to:

  • mention the FOIA, although it may help to do so;
  • know whether the information is covered by the FoIA or the EIR
  • say why you want the information.

Guidance is available should you require further assistance on making a request.

Disclosure Log

The disclosure log provides details of Freedom of Information requests received and responded to at Cwm Taf University Health Board.

Guidelines of Re-Use of Public Sector Information

Information on the re-use of public sector information can be found in our guidelines.