Hello my name is…” aims to place considerate and compassionate practice at the heart of care in Cwm Taf.

The national ‘Hello my name is…’ campaign will be launched across the health board on Monday August 8.

Dr Kate Granger, a registrar working in England, who first came up with the idea almost three years ago, sadly died of a rare form of cancer on July 23, aged 34, her husband Chris Pointon announced.

She had raised £250,000 for a cancer charity.

Dr Granger had told how, while in hospital, she became previously  frustrated with the number of staff who failed to introduce themselves to her.

She had launched the ‘Hello my name is…’ initiative via the social media website Twitter.

Kate said: “During a hospital stay in August 2013 with post-operative sepsis, I made the stark observation that many staff looking after me did not introduce themselves before delivering my care.

“It felt incredibly wrong that such a basic step in communication was missing. After ranting at my husband during one evening visiting time he encouraged me to stop whinging and do something.”
Kate’s message asked NHS staff to go back to basics, build trust and make a vital human connection with patients by – at the very least – simply giving their names.

Kate said: “In my mind ‘hello my name is’ is the first rung on the ladder to providing truly person-centred, compassionate care”.

Since its launch, the campaign has been a massive hit with more than 100 NHS organisations adopting the initiative.

Lynda Williams, the director of nursing, midwifery and patient services for the health board said: “Implementing the campaign throughout the Health Board will ensure that patients and relatives know who is caring for them and with the delivery of kind, compassionate care at the heart of everything we do”.

“Hello my name is…” launches in Cwm Taf this August